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A digital freight network driven by data and powered by people.

Leveraging artificial intelligence to move business forward.

We Provide Services in the United States
and Mexico

Whether you’re a shipper looking to transport product to or from the US or Mexico, or a carrier wanting to keep your trucks full and on the road, we’re here to facilitate every move.

Supply Chain Visibility

Real-time visibility into every load you move with Freightwell. Visibility from initial tender to final delivery. No more wasted time tracking down shipments.

Digital Freight Platform

A proprietary digital platform and mobile app built with the needs of shippers and carriers in mind that will help streamline
your operations.

24/7 Customer Support

Our support team is available day or night and excels at solving transportation issues created by
supply-chain disruptions.

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Digital Brokerage

Optimized Network of Carriers

Cross Border Shipping

United States and Mexico

Freight Dispatch

Customized Dispatching Services

Dedicated Fleet

Regular and Reliable Shipping

Digital Freight Brokerage

Optimized network of carriers

Freightwell’s proprietary digital freight network is build from the ground up. Our optimized and connected network of carriers throughout the US and Mexico help shippers save money and carriers increase their earnings. Leveraging artificial intelligence backed by deep human expertise, we seamlessly connect shippers and carriers. Capacity is the name of the game in today’s ever-changing transportation and logistics industry. Shippers can rely on Freightwell’s virtual asset-based business model to move their shipments across town, across the country, or to/from Mexico.

Cross Border Shipping

United States and Mexico

Freightwell Mexico is headquartered right on the border. We speak, live, and breathe the cross-border shipping language. With decades of industry experience and boots on the ground, Freightwell is fully integrated with the carriers, resources, and processes required to move your freight across the border.Combining long-term relationships, expansive industry experience, and a track record of impactful strategic operations, Freightwell Mexico is positioned to streamline border shipments.

Freight Dispatch

Customized Dispatch Services

Freightwell offers smart truck dispatch services for dry van, reefer, and flat bed. We have a dedicated team of truck dispatchers and logistics specialists who have the industry experience needed to keep drivers on the road and operations running.We also know that administrative duties for an owner-operator or small carrier is time consuming. That’s why we offer customized solutions for every business need. Whether you need help securing loads or filling our paperwork, we can help move your business forward and let you focus on driving.

Dedicated Fleet

Regular and Reliable Fleet

In this volatile transportation industry, access to regular and reliable shipping is a must. Freightwell’s subsidiary StarTX Logistics provides you with the advantage of having your own trusted fleet without the hassle or expense of actually owning one. Through the management of numerous small carriers, Freightwell has designed an asset-based model of operations and can provide a regular and reliable fleet for your shipping needs.

Why choose us

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our mission and vision
  • Our values and philosophy
  • Vanguard Mindset
Why customers love us

Our mission and vision

Mission: Freightwell is a next-generation leader in digital freight brokerage, transportation, and logistics. We leverage artificial intelligence, smart minds, automated services, and performance excellence to modernize your supply chain operations.

Vision: To connect people, businesses, and communities together to build a better future through transportation and logistics.

Why customers love us

Our values and philosophy

Integrity. Trust. And Teamwork. Freightwell prides itself on guiding every aspect of our business with these values in mind. We are looking to make a positive difference in the transportation and logistics industry. Through the use of automated technologies, we want to save shippers time and money and provide carriers with more opportunities and higher paying loads.

Our philosophy is simple, we are not looking for clients, we are looking for business partners. Our interest is to create a business relationship that will prosper and strengthen over time. We want to help your business succeed.

Why customers love us

Vanguard Mindset

The transportation and logistics industry is ever-changing, but so are we. We are not content with the status quo, nor settling for a conventional way of conducting business. We are always looking for opportunities to improve processes, services, and offer the best solutions for shippers and carriers.

The culture of continuous improvement is built into every aspect of our business, from people to processes, to data and technology. When we work together, we work smarter.

Freightwell is transforming the logistics industry

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Industries we serve

Freightwell has a robust portfolio of logistics solutions that span multiple industries and
customizes solutions to specific needs of vertical and horizontal markets.



Building Materials / Construction

Consumer Goods

Food / Beverage


Paper / Packaging

Pharmaceuticals / Medical

Retail and Fashion


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We ship to any address in the continental United States and Mexico.

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